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"The Next Best Thing To Having Your Own Horse"

Your relationship with your horse reflects how you are relating to yourself and to those around you. The Holistic Horse and Pony Centre in Surrey will make feel perfectly at one with yourself and your horse, you will feel at peace with everything and everyone around you. This is the gentle, yet powerful way of the Holistic Rider. Wendy Price's Holistic Riding invites you to explore the nature of your riding and any fears or challenges you may have from a completely new perspective. We look at what is going on in your riding and what that could be reflecting about other areas of your life or conversely how other areas of your life could be affecting your riding.

What is holistic riding?

“Our hour riding with you was the highlight of the holiday for me last year. I would recommend you to anyone. A real inspiration!”

Wendy's philosophy of training is full of positive encouragement and feedback. We believe success breeds success so we encourage riders to focus on what is going well instead of problem areas. Holistic Riding is a unique way to explore and understand how our belief systems affect our experiences and riding.

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At the emotional level of Holistic Riding, the riders are encouraged to be aware of their own feelings and those of the horses. The horse is a highly emotional and sensitive creature and easily picks up what we are feeling. Our suppressed emotions can cause all sorts of behaviour from the horses. Wendy's methods can greatly assist the rider to regain confidence in them and their riding, which also has the bonus of feeling more self-assured in their work and other relationships. Holistic Riding can assist you to plug into your unlimited source of Power and Love. It is this Energy that brings more love, peace, harmony, joy and abundance into our lives.


Encompassing more than just psychological theories and positive thinking exercises, Wendy Price's Holistic Riding is a thought provoking tool for bringing about wholeness, balance and harmony of the mind, body and spirit in both horse and rider.

The Holistic Horse and Pony Centre in Surrey

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Wow what can I say about the Holistic Horse and Pony Centre. I don't think I can find the words, they have quite literally saved my son. We have been on suicide watch with him. Until (.....) his instructor invited him to come to the centre. It's the most blissful place in the world. Everyone is so kind and gentle. They all have patience for each other. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity for my son to attend. Wendy your Centre is Heaven on Earth. He has become so knowledgeable about all the tack. He  is growing in his confidence and his abilities. When he rides you can see the sparkle in his eyes come back alive. The unique love shared between the horse and him. As a mother it brings tears to your eyes to see your child transform before your very eyes.