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By z4029052030, Oct 4 2017 06:39PM

Fires, Farewells and Futures

Hello all,

I trust you have all had a wonderful summer. It has been an interesting year weather wise, both locally and globally. When nature becomes extreme, it is often an opportunity for us to look at our own lives, choices and goals.

Are we stuck in old ways?

Are we resisting change?

Are we afraid to dream big?

Some of you may know we had a very serious fire here in July, destroying all of our hay, feed, rugs, tractor, machinery, tools and masses more. Very thankfully the few stabled horses were released safely, and although very scared from all the pops and bangs, they didn't get hurt, nor any humans.

One of the questions I have been frequently asked is how can I stay so positive and upbeat, when something so seemingly awful has occured?

My answer is A, B and C.


No matter how much I do, or don't get upset, nothing is going to change the fact that we lost thousands of pounds worth of belongings. I can choose to fight the reality of life but have personally found I always lose! I totally trust that life happens for me, not to me.

Be Grateful

How can you be grateful in a situation like that? I was in deep gratitude that the horses were freed from the stables. I was grateful that although we lost a huge amount, the saddles and stables were saved.

I was grateful that the weather had changed. Only a week before it was searing heat that was unbearable for the horses to be outside in. With the cooler weather we were able to keep the horses outside whilst we cleared the stables from smoke and ash.

I have also been so grateful for the donations of time and replacement goods we have received. Thank you!

Choose How You Respond

I couldn't change what happened, but I could change how I responded. After acknowledging the shock and initial fear of how I was going to feed 36 horses with thousands of pounds worth of feed destroyed, I chose to respond with trust. I chose to become a victor, and not a victim. I chose to see this as an opportunity for rebirth. I surrendered to the situation and asked my Higher Inner Guidance the best way forward.

'The task before you is never greater than the Power behind you'

What life events or situations could you apply the ABC method to? Acceptance, Be Grateful and Choose to see things differently?

This gives you full power (powerful), not less power. Throw out powerlessness. This gives you the energy to cope.

Thank You Tigger

So HHPC are moving through a rebirth. In rebirth we often have to say goodbye to the past. One of my saddest goodbyes has been Tigger. His ripe old age of 30 years caught up with him and he sadly contracted a respiratory problem that meant he had to be released to the rainbow bridge, to find freedom in heavenly pastures.

Tigger is, was and ever will be the emporer of confidence giving horses. He can boast that EVERY rider who came to him nervous, worried or fearful would leave with more confidence, no exceptions, and in most cases, completely cured. He had the rare ability to seemingly take fear, and start to dissolve it.

He loyally served for over 25 years and I have had the priviledge of being his lifelong custodian since he was 4 years old. Even though he retired from riding, his ability as a therapy horse was equally astounding and even up until his last day, he was serving.

If you have any pictures or stories of Tigger, we would love to hear and see them.

Thank you Tigger you have been very special, I love you, we all love you.

The Future

You may know that one of our values and missions as a special place is to help people of all ages reach their full potential, and help them with realising their big dreams. Sometimes, that means they have to fly the nest!

Some of the staffing here has changed and we thank everyone who has been a part of HHPC and wish them all well in their new, dream jobs.

We welcome several new people who have joined us as part of their dreams too.

So here are some of the ways you can support us.

1. If you love what we stand for in doing our best for horse and rider, then please spread the word about our centre to your friends. Referrals are still our best source of clientele.

2. Half term is nearly upon us already and our fun pony days are filling up fast - book your dates now! Just £65 for a full day, or a whole week special offer for just £275 (save £50!).

3. Kids clubs Saturday 10-1pm or 1.30-4.30, or Sunday 10-1pm. Or we have found several riders are going for the extra good value by staying all day and riding twice.

4. Birthday parties. We have had a run on our very popular birthday parties recently. Usually held after school or on a Sunday afternoon, this is the perfect choice for a fabulous time.

5. Retreat. Fancy taking your horsemanship, relationships and self to the next level? Then come and join Monica and me for a unique workshop from Thursday 5th October - Sunday 9th October 2017 for a life transforming few days. Visit the sun, Spain and secrets on Facebook or reply to this email and I can send you full details.

6. Unique 'Confidence-for-kids' club after school on Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's from 4-6pm. Although this is a non ridden session, there is plenty of horse time. It is packed full of different ways children can overcome their fear, stop feeling bullied, release exam anxiety or overcoming friendship problems. This will be a profound workshop and is half the price of a normal lesson.

7. Remember the 5th of November. Keep that Sunday free to come and join us for an open day and bonfire. We have a double celebration for our 13 year anniversary and the official rebirth of HHPC. Bring your friends and come and discover all the different treatments and ways we care for the horses, and all the different riding, workshops and courses we offer.

Do let us know by replying to this email with what you would like to know more about. Please note, once the electricity is back on and our phone lines are working, we will let you know.

Always happy to hear from you and Help.


By z4029052030, Feb 16 2017 03:39PM

What is it that makes the difference between a good therapist and an exceptional one? Being able to look beneath the surface; a high degree of emotional intelligence; gentle leadership; strong intuition; as well as an ability to create the right conditions for change and facilitate healing. They manage their therapy practice as a business so they can help more people without worrying where the next client is coming from or how the bills will be paid. And they are a model of balance in their lives and relationships.

This course brings together the skills of two expert coaches: Tricia Woolfrey who is an integrative therapist, coach (personal and business) and Wendy Firmin-Price is the pioneer of the HEART program (Holistic Equine Assisted Relationship Transformation). Both have more than 20 years experience. Using Wendy’s beautiful team of horses to quickly elicit beliefs, blocks, emotions and coping skills, together with facilitated group discussion, through an organic process, depending on the needs of the group, you will learn how to get better resuts with your clients through:

Heart-centred rapport building and dynamic listening

Balancing intentions, leadership and boundaries

Dealing with the resistant client

Why you attract the clients you do

Unconscious beliefs which may be blocking your success

Understanding unconscious patterns affecting your clients

No previous experience with horses is needed as, though you will spend part of the day with the horses, no actual riding will take place.

The price includes two BONUSES:

20 Keys to Exceptional Therapy

12 Lessons from the Healing Power of Horses


Date and Time

Sat 25 March 2017

09:30 – 17:00 GMT


The Holistic Horse & Pony Centre


GU23 6PF

Click on the link below to find out more:

Although the Early Bird Offer has expired, you will still be able to take advantage of the fabulous 2 bonuses, but hurry, there are only a couple of places left on this workshop

By z4029052030, Jan 27 2017 10:15AM

Dear Friends

Christmas is long gone and we are already feeling the love this February Valentines half term break. Take a look at the fun filled week we have prepared for you......

Monday Magic for Special People 

This day is a non riding event, it is for a special few people who wish to learn how to connect with the horses at a deeper level and how to whisper requests to them. What you learn n the morning will then be put to test in the afternoon with some horse agility fun. There is a very limited number 

Terrific Tuesday

Our Tuesday Pony Day will  focus on improving riding, balance and confidence in the morning and then enjoying a hack in the afternoon, putting all of the morning theory into ;practice. 

Wacky Wednesday 

Camera roll... Action! Today is all about role play! You and your pony will be starring in your very own play, so choose your favourite character, TV or Superhero and play the part! Bring your costume, and don't forget your pony will need dressing up or painting to play the part too! Group up with to act out your plays together to make it even more fun!  Don't worry too much if you don't have a costume, we have an assortment here you can choose from, but there will be prizes for the most inventive! 

Thoughtful Thursday 

Today we'll be learning how to ride poles in anticipation of jumping and looking at school movements, encouraging you and your pony to think through the challenges. For the more advanced riders, there will also be a two hour hack.

Fun Friday

We'll end the week with a mini Gymkhana in true HHPC style, with riding awards, certificates and rosettes to winners and participants - be sure to book yourself in, we promise it will be fun! 

Included in all of the above is the usual daily grooming, horse care and stable management, the two rides, morning and afternoon. Full schedule available. By the end of the week, we will be giving out several awards to acknowledge everything you have learnt from improving your riding, gaining confidence around the ponies, learning stable management, something for everyone!

Full Pony Day is only £65 per day, or book the whole week for just £250, saving £80!!

Half Days are available on Tuesday or Friday at £40 per day.         

Exciting News!  Sundays - A Day for Sharing 

We are introducing our Sunday Care Share Club. If you are an experienced horse person and  have successfully completed our 4 week induction at our Centre, you may be eligible to join our pony care scheme where you can care for one of our precious ponies for 2.5 hours every Sunday.  The time slots available are 9.30 am - 12 pm; 12 pm - 2.30 pm and 2.30 pm - 5 pm.  Prices start from £120 pcm and vary dependent on level of experience and participation of duties 

Our Diamond is sparkling like a true gem!  She is doing really well in the school, and coming along nicely. Along with her sweet personality and gentle nature, she's sure to steal lots of hearts! 

By z4029052030, Jan 3 2017 06:02PM

Dear Horse Lovers,

We are delighted to announce the release of three incredibly beautiful and powerful meditations, for you to enjoy together with your horse, written and recorded by Wendy Price, in collaboration with Tom Evans, leading expert in meditation and mindfulness.

Whether you own your own or share a horse or are new to horse riding, whether you have practised meditation before or not, these meditations will help you relax so that your horse relaxes too increasing your bond with them.

Each of these meditations has a specific theme:

Feeling Calm with Your Horse – 8 mins

Feeling More Confident with Your Horse – 9 mins

Preparing for Performance – 9 mins

These meditations are available for download for just £4.99 for the set.

You can listen to a free sample and make your purchase directly on

By z4029052030, Dec 29 2016 09:59AM

Diamonds are a girls best friend, Diamonds are forever ... well this little sweetie is all of the above and more! She is our newest addition to the Centre; she's a sweet natured and super friendly 8 year old and we couldn't be happier to welcome her to our home.

She will need a couple of weeks to get to know the rest of the Herd well and get settled in to her new forever home, but once she is comfortable she will be the perfect pony to join the riding school. Drop by and say hello to her.. she loves making new friends and being made a fuss of!

Watch this space for regular updates on how Diamond is settling in here- we can't wait to find out who her new bff's and bbf's are going to be!