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Heartfelt Fun this February Half Term at HHPC

By z4029052030, Jan 27 2017 10:15AM

Dear Friends

Christmas is long gone and we are already feeling the love this February Valentines half term break. Take a look at the fun filled week we have prepared for you......

Monday Magic for Special People 

This day is a non riding event, it is for a special few people who wish to learn how to connect with the horses at a deeper level and how to whisper requests to them. What you learn n the morning will then be put to test in the afternoon with some horse agility fun. There is a very limited number 

Terrific Tuesday

Our Tuesday Pony Day will  focus on improving riding, balance and confidence in the morning and then enjoying a hack in the afternoon, putting all of the morning theory into ;practice. 

Wacky Wednesday 

Camera roll... Action! Today is all about role play! You and your pony will be starring in your very own play, so choose your favourite character, TV or Superhero and play the part! Bring your costume, and don't forget your pony will need dressing up or painting to play the part too! Group up with to act out your plays together to make it even more fun!  Don't worry too much if you don't have a costume, we have an assortment here you can choose from, but there will be prizes for the most inventive! 

Thoughtful Thursday 

Today we'll be learning how to ride poles in anticipation of jumping and looking at school movements, encouraging you and your pony to think through the challenges. For the more advanced riders, there will also be a two hour hack.

Fun Friday

We'll end the week with a mini Gymkhana in true HHPC style, with riding awards, certificates and rosettes to winners and participants - be sure to book yourself in, we promise it will be fun! 

Included in all of the above is the usual daily grooming, horse care and stable management, the two rides, morning and afternoon. Full schedule available. By the end of the week, we will be giving out several awards to acknowledge everything you have learnt from improving your riding, gaining confidence around the ponies, learning stable management, something for everyone!

Full Pony Day is only £65 per day, or book the whole week for just £250, saving £80!!

Half Days are available on Tuesday or Friday at £40 per day.         

Exciting News!  Sundays - A Day for Sharing 

We are introducing our Sunday Care Share Club. If you are an experienced horse person and  have successfully completed our 4 week induction at our Centre, you may be eligible to join our pony care scheme where you can care for one of our precious ponies for 2.5 hours every Sunday.  The time slots available are 9.30 am - 12 pm; 12 pm - 2.30 pm and 2.30 pm - 5 pm.  Prices start from £120 pcm and vary dependent on level of experience and participation of duties 

Our Diamond is sparkling like a true gem!  She is doing really well in the school, and coming along nicely. Along with her sweet personality and gentle nature, she's sure to steal lots of hearts! 

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